Countries Make Promises during the Signing of the Climate Accords

Leaders of the world powers met in Paris last December to sign the climate accord and discuss what they would do for their respective country to become more environmentally conscious.

China emits the most greenhouse gases than any other country in the world. They promised to limit and control projects that would bring about high pollution and carbon emissions.

The United States vowed earlier to cut greenhouse gas pollution from 2005 to 2025, but when the Supreme Court did not allow the implementation of environmental regulation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the global population wondered if the US would be able to actually uphold that earlier promise. Looking at the election now, the far right seems to question the science behind global warming and whether it is related to human action, while the far left promises to uphold and further develop the environmentally conscious executive actions President Obama has implemented during his presidency.

The European Union vowed to cut emissions by at least 40% by 2030, which seemed ambitious as compared to the pledges other countries made. However, the European Union offers the most money to developing countries to develop the environmental initiatives.

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