Achoo! Fall harvest brings pollen allergies to the table

For Stellah Indiya food allergies have always been a part of daily life. She started developing allergies to more fruits in her adolescence and at this point as a college student she’s convinced she will develop more.

Doctors warn you may get older you may develop an oral allergy to certain food if you are sensitive to certain pollens. Oral allergy syndrome can appear in many young adults. In the spring you might sneeze and your eyes may water if you have a pollen allergy but this can occur differently for some as they get older and begin noticing oral symptoms during pollen season.

Allergists and doctors warn that any raw fruits and vegetables can cause the symptoms related to the allergy and can be worse during the different pollen seasons. Students may not know that this allergy can develop over time as most people assume that allergies manifest when they are young. If you start to notice any itching or swelling visit a doctor.


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