Rising Temperatures Mean Rising Prices

The price of fruits and vegetables has increased in the recent years and experts say it is because of climate change. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, this change in price is due in part to rising average temperatures across the United States. Below, Dr. Marshall Shepherd, Director of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Georgia explains more and gives farmers some advice on how to prosper in this changing climate.

Agricultural experts say farmers are going to have to continue to adapt to the growing average temperatures as they plan and prepare their crops each year. Several environmental groups as well as news outlets such as CrainNews Pro, complain that the current political government has made it harder for journalists to get this valuable information about climate change out to the public.

Call or visit your regional climate hub, visit reliable environmental websites, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, so you may stay informed about ways to adapt or mitigate changes in the coming years.

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