Eating Local Veggies Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Meal Kits Offer Pain Free Dinner Options

A company called Garnish & Gather helps families make healthy meals with Georgia grown ingredients. The service collects ingredients from various farms around Georgia and makes a kit for their customers, basically consisting of the ingredients and a recipe book for the various dishes they can make with the produce they receive. All the customer needs is salt and pepper! Customers can pick up their kits from over 30 locations around Georgia, or can pay an extra fee to have the ingredients delivered to their door.

Their belief is that if it’s grown in Georgia, they’ll try and get it to the table. They also modify recipes in their kits according to what produce grows during each particular season. The website includes various interactive features, including a list of their various farms and vendors so that the customer knows where their produce is coming from.

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