How Floridians are Preparing for Irma

Casey Williams – Tim and Diane Williams, my uncle and aunt, are preparing for the worst as Hurricane Irma approaches their home in Winter Park, Florida.  It is a yearly event for them and most Floridians, so they know how to prepare.

Diane Williams checks out books from the library to read to pass time during the storm.


The Williams family has gathered propane fuel, water jugs, batteries and pet food.  According to them, the stores are now mostly empty as people stock up on supplies for the storm.  Diane Williams says they plan on boarding up their windows this weekend.  Everyone is expecting serious wind damage and power outages at the very least.

Despite Hurricane Irma’s category five status, the Williams think they can ride out the storm.

Tim Williams sent photos from last year’s October storm to show the damage from a typical hurricane season.



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