Nothin’ Finer In The Land Than A Littered Campus?

With football season in full swing, Athens bursts at the seams on Saturdays as 92,000 fans fill the stands of Sanford Stadium, leaving UGA’s campus red, black —  and covered with trash.  University officials, and students, are trying to change that, not just for the campus but for the whole city.

The survey shows that nearly one out of every ten of 130 students admitted to littering common objects such as wrappers, bottles and cigarettes.  But, an even larger number — three-quarters of the students say they would litter less if the university would provide more ways to dispose of the trash.

“On game days, we come to campus to support our school and show our pride but then leave it looking like a wreck?” says Amanda Glatter, an environmental health science major from Alpharetta. “That really shows how much you care about UGA.”

Athens Georgia is known by many names. The “classic city,” the “home of the dawgs,” and the meeting place between the famous hedges.  Students and university officials say people can show much they care by picking up their latter and making sure the area doesn’t get another nickname — trash town.

To find out more ways that you can help prevent litter on UGA’s campus, visit UGA’s Office of Sustainability‘s website.

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