The Bubble Goes Green

Residents of Peachtree city call their home “the bubble.” Now many of those residents want ‘the bubble’ to be a green bubble. How? By using electric golf carts. They say it will make the area more eco-friendly.

4% of residents in Peachtree City, Georgia own gas golf carts versus the staggering 96% that own electric.

In a survey conducted with 100 people, 94 said they owned an electric golf cart versus the 4 who owned gas. Residents stated their reasons for choosing electric as being noise, smell, and the impacts on the environment. Those who owned gas golf carts stated that they were able to get up hills quicker and did not have to wait to charge their golf carts.

Even though the amendment to a traffic ordinance proposed in 2011 was not passed, residents of Peachtree City have taken it into their own hands to create a pro-electric, and pro-green environment for the community.

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