The Pickiness Problem by Nixon Norman

I’m Picky.

I haven’t eaten a hamburger in 12 years (yes, you read that right).

I don’t like Spaghetti and Meatballs (pasta is slimy, beef looks like a bowel movement. Sorry).

I’ve tried ribs —sorry too much grizzle.

I believe the devil himself makes Mustard.

And I hate beans.

So your jaw will probably drop when I tell you that days, weeks, even months before leaving for my study abroad trip to Costa Rica – I made a promise to myself that I would attempt to broaden my horizons when it came to food.


And I surprised even myself.

I had pork at one of the soccer fields in San Luis, Monteverde. It tasted like chicken, but better (To any chickens out there reading this, I promise I am not cheating on you, you were and still are my one true and first love).

I tried shredded chicken here for the first time and all I have to say is I am so glad because it will actually save me money when I get back to the states. Why? Well because anytime I go to a Mexican restaurant – I pay the extra $2.00 dollars to upgrade to grilled chicken instead of shredded. Sure, two dollars does not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but when you like chicken quesadillas as much as me, it can add up.

I’ve even tried beef here. Roasted beef to be specific. It’s pretty good. Here, in Spanish, they call it carne de res.

I’ve discovered Yucca. When I tried it for the first time I expected it to be some kind of fruit, not knowing that it is actually a root that is also known as cassava. It has been a lifesaver for me during my stay here considering I LOVE to eat potatoes with every meal or as much as I can. When I put it in my mouth and chewed for a moment, I was so happy to find that this root tasted like mashed potatoes. I put some salt and pepper and I feasted.

So, when I got back, there just might a new Me on that flight.

Not as picky.

I might even try American carne de res.

But no, beans please.

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