Carbon, Costs and Congress

You pay to have your trash removed from your home. Companies are charged heavy fines if they do not comply to the standard rules regarding the dumping of waste. But environmentalists and many scientists say that drivers all over the world are sending harmful carbon emissions into the air every day without paying a dime.

Dr. Mark Farmer, UGA professor of cellular biology, is a member of Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL), a global organization pursuing an internationally enforced fee on all carbon emissions.  He is pushing to get politicians like Athens Congressman Jody Hice to pass legislation to do that.

The fee, which would be charged based on the amount of carbon an individual is responsible for producing, would then be redistributed to people, creating a monetary incentive to keep the air cleaner.  The Athens chapter of CCL meets once a month. If you are interested in joining, you can find information to do so here.

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