Urban Resource

Disaster Planning

  • Center for Disease Control-General Natural Resources Management And Biological Sciences Jobs
    • Description: These are jobs pertaining to epidemiology, biology, and/or natural resources. Because the CDC is based in Atlanta, many of the jobs posted are there.
    • Contact: No contact
  • UGA Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems
    • Description: “Redefining Infrastructure for Thriving Communities, Businesses, and Ecosystems.”  Mission: Advance the integration of natural and conventional infrastructure systems to strengthen long term resilience to flooding, sea level rise, drought, and other disruptions. Empower communities and businesses to discover wise infrastructure solutions that maximize social, economic, and environmental benefits. Support informed decision making through interdisciplinary expertise, cutting edge tools and techniques, and collaborative partnerships.
    • Contact: Brian Bledsoe, Director, 706-542-7249, bbledsoe@engr.uga.edu

Gin Bacon Talati, Program Manager, vbtalati@uga.edu

Land Use + Development

Conservation Easements + Land trusts:


  • Athens Land Trust
    • Description: In collaboration with the Athens community, we approach sustainable development with a look toward addressing environmental, economic, and community needs. We aim to combine the tools of conservation land trusts with those of community land trusts to create healthy neighborhoods across Athens and the state of Georgia.
  • Oconee River Land Trust
    • Description: The Oconee River Land Trust is a non-profit organization headquartered in Athens, Georgia, that partners with landowners to conserve natural forests and working lands along Georgia’s rivers, streams and wetlands.



  • Chattooga Conservancy
    • Description: The Chattooga Conservancy is a grassroots conservation organization that formed in 1994 through the shared vision of citizens who came together to challenge the U.S. Forest Service’s intensive logging and road-building program then underway in the Chattooga River watershed’s three national forests.

Land Preservation and Restoration

  • Biohabitats
    • Description: We apply the science of ecology to restoring ecosystems, conserving habitat, and regenerating the natural systems that sustain all life on Earth. We do this through engagement, assessment, planning, engineering & design, construction, and monitoring.
  • Atlanta Beltline
    • Description: The Atlanta BeltLine is a sustainable redevelopment project that is transforming the city. It will ultimately connect 45 intown neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, and parks – all based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled Atlanta.
  • Georgia Conservancy
    • Description: The Georgia Conservancy is a statewide, member-supported conservation organization. Our work for land conservation, environmental advocacy, coastal protection, sustainable growth and outdoor stewardship recognizes the connection between the environment, the economy and our quality of life.
  • Piedmont Park Conservancy
    • Description: The Piedmont Park Conservancy, a nonprofit organization, is a member and donor-funded organization working in partnership with the city of Atlanta to fulfill its mission: to enhance and preserve Piedmont Park as a vital, urban green space, and as a cultural and recreational resource that enriches the quality of life for all Atlantans.
  • Park Pride
    • Description: Founded in 1989, Park Pride is the only nonprofit organization working with communities all over Atlanta to improve their parks. We provide programs, funding, and leadership to create more and better greenspaces.
  • Blue Heron Nature Preserve
    • Description: Blue Heron Nature Preserve is a 30 acre nature preserve located in the heart of Atlanta.

Built Environment

  • Georgia Pacific
    • Description: Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, building products and related chemicals. Our products are part of everyday life. While they fill a diverse range of home commercial and industrial needs, they have one thing in common: they’re all made to high standards of quality and safety.
    • Contact: No contact
  • US Green Building Council
    • Description: Our vision at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is that buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation. Our mission is to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life. Through our community network, continuous collaboration with industry experts, market research publications and LEED professional credentials, our global staff is working every day to help advance spaces that are brighter and healthier for us to live, work and play in.
  • World Green Business Council
    • Description: The World Green Building Council is a global network of Green Building Councils which is transforming the places we live, work, play, heal and learn. We believe green buildings can and must be at the centre of our lives. Our changing climate means we must reshape the way we grow and build, enabling people to thrive both today and tomorrow. We take action – championing local and global leadership, and empowering our community to drive change. Together, we are greater than the sum of our parts, and commit to green buildings for everyone, everywhere.
    • Career Page: https://www.worldgbc.org/careers
    • Contact: No contact
  • Southface Energy Institute
    • Description: Southface Institute promotes sustainable homes, workplaces and communities through education, research, advocacy and technical assistance.
  • Interface
    • Description: Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. Our modular system helps customers create beautiful interior spaces which positively impact the people who use them and our planet.
    • Contact: No contact
  •  West Atlanta Watershed Alliance
    • Description: Since its inception in 1995, WAWA has partnered with West Atlanta residents and other individuals and organizations in the greater Atlanta community to fight for environmental justice and protect greenspace and water quality in West Atlanta, while educating the public about environmental issues affecting our community.
  • Urban Green Council- In NYC
    • Description: Urban Green Council’s mission is to transform NYC buildings for a sustainable future. We believe the critical issue facing the world today is climate change. Our focus on climate change requires us to target energy and other resource management. As we improve energy and other resource management, we can deliver a more resilient, efficient, healthy and affordable city.

A non-profit organization established in 2002, Urban Green is funded by contributions from foundations, its members and corporate sponsors. Our in-house experts and a dedicated network of volunteers are helping to transform the built environment in New York City with models that can be replicated in urban centers nationwide.

(212) 514-9385

Private/Public Partnerships

Smart Cities 

  • Nature Conservancy- build healthy cities
    • Description: From our historic work in land acquisition to cutting-edge research that influences global policy, The Nature Conservancy is constantly adapting to take on our planet’s biggest, most important challenges. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

Education and Connecting Community

  • Urban Ecology Center- In Milwaukee
    •  UEC is based in Milwaukee. The organization provides educational facilities, sites, and tours of their greenspace. They also deal in land stewardship, provide facility rentals, community science, sustainable food, eco travel, and educational birthday parties.
    • Facility phone numbers: (414) 431-2940
  • Urban Green Lab- In Nashville
    • Description: At Urban Green Lab, we ensure all of us know the basics of sustainable living, with a holistic approach to eliminating waste in our classrooms, households, and workplaces — places where culture begins.  Our citywide partnerships focus on improving the lifestyle choices we make every day and fostering learning opportunities, measurable life skills, a sense of individual responsibility, and strategies that protect our natural resources for generations to come.
  • Parks & People Foundation
    • Description: Parks & People has worked for more than 30 years to build public-private partnerships that sustain and improve Baltimore’s parks and green spaces, with a legacy of investing in projects that revitalize green programs that allow children, youth and adults to learn, grow, and explore their natural environment.  Our vision is to ensure that everyone in Baltimore is connected to nature, their community and each other through vibrant parks and green spaces.
    • Contact:
  • Greening Youth Foundation- In Atlanta
    • Description: The Greening Youth Foundation’s (GYF) mission is to work with diverse, underserved and underrepresented children, youth and young adults in an effort to develop and nurture enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards.

Urban Farming

  • New Haven Farms in Fairhaven
    • Description: New Haven Farms’ nonprofit charitable mission is to promote health and community development through urban agriculture. We transform vacant, contaminated urban land into vibrant and productive organic farms. Our farm manager, garden captains, youth crew, and volunteer corps cultivate 7 urban farms, and our harvest is made accessible to low-income families who struggle with diet-related chronic diseases and food insecurity. Farm members receive produce baskets combined with farm education, cooking demonstrations, and nutrition education on a weekly basis. We also run a weekly farm stand in the Fairhaven neighborhood.
  • Georgia Organics
    •  Description: Georgia Organics is a dynamic and growing statewide nonprofit connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families.  Founded in 1997, the organization is based in Atlanta and led by a board of directors, staff of 16 employees and additional support from consultants, interns, members and volunteers.
    • Contact: 200-A Ottley Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30324

T: 678-702-0400

  • Metro Atlanta Urban Farm
    • Description: At Metro Atlanta Urban Farm we believe everyone deserves access to affordable high quality produce.  Our certified naturally grown produce is grown and harvested with care by the hands of staff and volunteers who support an equitable food distribution system.  We provide gardening and agricultural training to ensure families learn to feed themselves and to create future generations of urban agriculturalists.
    • Career Page: Volunteer, can’t find internship or job
  • Contact: Phone: (404)788-2432

Email: info@themetroatlantaurbanfarm.org