Wait A Minute Before You Throw Out That Stinky Fish

Fish seems to be the most frequently wasted food item in the United States. Not all of that blame is put on consumers, though.

Many fishermen use widespread and callous fishing methods which grab lots of fish, instead of just enough to sell. A lot of the fish that are caught often have to be thrown back into the ocean. When there is a surplus of fish provided to the commercial distributors, companies which make fish sticks and deep fried tilapia, end up making their packages big, filled with lots of fish.

This wouldn’t be a problem if US consumers were eating all the fish they purchased.

But they’re not.

Many consumers purchase fish, but end up throwing it away before it reaches the table.

One way that consumers could work towards reducing this waste is to understand that by throwing away food, they’re throwing away money. Once this connection is made, fish wastage should decrease.

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